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3D Object Tracking


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SWTrack: Multiple Hypothesis Sliding Window 3D Multi-Object Tracking

Sandro Papais, Robert Ren, and Steven Waslander
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Submitted, 2024.

We develop a novel multidimensional graph optimization formulation of multiple hypothesis sliding window tracking for mobile robotics applications.


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InterTrack: Interaction Transformer for 3D Multi-Object Tracking

John Willes, Cody Reading, Steven L. Waslander
20th Conference on Robots and Vision (CRV). IEEE, 2023.

Our proposed solution, InterTrack, introduces the Interaction Transformer for 3D MOT to generate discriminative object representations for data association.


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aUToTrack: A Lightweight Object Detection and Tracking System for the SAE AutoDrive Challenge

Keenan Burnett, Sepehr Samavi, Steven L. Waslander, Timothy D. Barfoot, Angela P. Schoellig
Conference on Robots and Vision (CRV), 2019

We present a new object tracking dataset (UofTPed50), and propose a lightweight object detection and tracking system (aUToTrack) that achieves SOTA performance on the KITTI Object Tracking benchmark.

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