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Research Projects

3D Object Detection

We leverage fundamental computer vision principles and deep learning to advance automotive perception in the task of 3D object detection - the task of estimating the six degrees of freedom pose and dimensions of objects of interest.


3D Multi-Object Tracking

3D multi-object tracking is a key problem for autonomous vehicles, required to perform well-informed motion planning in dynamic environments. Particularly for densely occupied scenes, associating existing tracks to new detections remains challenging as existing systems tend to omit critical contextual information


Object-Level SLAM

Object-level pose estimation plays a key role in SLAM. The reliable object pose estimation can provide valuable information in many down-stream robotic applications (e.g., robot manipulation,  navigation and autonomous driving).


Drone Landing

UAV/UGV teams show strong promise for a range of applications, thanks to their complementary capabilities of maneuverability and endurance. In this project, we demonstrate some of the first automated docking of drones on moving ground vehicles, and push the state of the art in quadrotor aerodynamic modeling, pose estimation, and precision control.

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