Drone Landing


Motion Planning under Uncertainty

Shatil Rahman, and Steven L. Waslander. 

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L), 2021

A novel trajectory optimization formulation that incorporates inequality constraints on uncertainty and a novel Augmented Lagrangian based stochastic differential dynamic programming method in belief space.



Visual Measurement Integrity Monitoring for UAV Localization

Chengyao Li, and Steven L. Waslander. 

SSRR 2019

A novel approach inspired by RAIM to monitor the integrity of visual localization for UAV. The algorithm first detects and rejects potential measurement outliers using a statistical approach, and calculates the protection level of the position estimation.


Towards Robust Autonomous MAV Landing with a Gimbal Camera

Christopher Choi and Steven L. Waslander. 

A more robust autonomous landing system for MAVs using a gimbal camera with complete tracking and landing modules. Results are present for both simulation and real MAVs. 




Autonomous Maritime Landings for Low-cost VTOL Aerial Vehicles

Kevin Ling, Derek Chow, Arun Das, and Steven L. Waslander. [CRV 2014]

An autonomous landing system of quadrotor UAV on a maritime vessel using an architecture that avoids sensor limitations while allowing for accurate relative pose estimation, even in the presence of wind disturbances.