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The TRAILab is continuously seeking graduate students at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels, as well as post-doctoral scholars and research engineers/associates. Graduate student hiring is done once annually, in the winter semester for September enrollment. Post-doctoral and research engineer/associate applicants are requested to email Prof. Waslander directly at any time. 


For graduate studies, the funding situation dictates that we have a strong preference for Canadian students and the Masters level, but we regularly accept both domestic and international Ph.D. students. You may email Prof. Waslander directly, but it is unlikely that he will be able to respond to your query.  Please follow these steps to ensure your application is considered:

  1. Apply to UTIAS graduate studies by Jan 15th. Be sure to highlight in your application which faculty and projects you would like to work for.  All active projects are described on our website.

  2. Send an email to Prof. Waslander close to the deadline with the title “Prospective graduate student” and including the following highlights: degrees/institutions, cumulative marks, publications, relevant work/project experience.

  3. If selected, you will get an invitation for an interview with Prof. Waslander shortly after the deadline, and all details of open positions and funding will be covered at that time only.

  4. Decisions and offers will be made in late February, early March.


Your application to UTIAS will be considered by all the world-class robotics researchers at the Institute.  We look forward to working with you, best of luck with your application!

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