Active Vision with Dynamic Camera Clusters

Encoderless Gimbal Calibration of Dynamic Multi-Camera Clusters

Christopher L. Choi, Jason Rebello, Leonid Koppel, Pranav Ganti, Arun Das, and Steven L. Waslander.

[ICRA 2018].

Calibration of a DCC was performed without knowledge of joint encoder angles and tested in a Visual Intertial Odometry application.



Autonomous Active Calibration of a Dynamic Camera Cluster using Next-Best-View

Jason Rebello, Arun Das and Steven L. Waslander.

[IROS 2017]

A novel active vision approach to DCC calibration, which directly reduces parameter uncertainty by selecting calibration measurements using an information theoretic next-best-view policy was developed.


Calibration of a Dynamic Camera Cluster for Multi-Camera Visual SLAM

Arun Das and Steven L. Waslander, [IROS 2016] 

A calibration method for dynamic multi-camera clusters, where one or more of the cameras is mounted to an actuated mechanism such as a gimbal or robotic manipulator.


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